Canned Food Drive!

HEY EVERYONE! We have a canned food drive going on throughout the medical center. The program to donate the most food products will receive a prize 🙂 Biochem, IPN, Physiology, Pharmacology, and other programs current have their boxes ready for donations. If you have set up a box, post the location below! If you do not know where your program’s box is or need help getting things started, please contact us at

Microbiology (MS & PhD) – 2 boxes (NE301 & south elevator)
Pharmacology (MS & PhD)- Med-Dent SE 402
IPN – NRB WP07A (outside MaxLab)
Biochemistry – Basic Science 341
Physiology – Dahlgren library entrance, on the left
T-bio – location TBD
SMP – location TBD


2 Replies to “Canned Food Drive!”

    1. Hey Patrick! We will have a collection of food and other necessities surrounding our annual Lab Rat 5K Race which is on April 23, 2016. Hope to see you there! We will also have another food drive in November 2016 (our goal is one every 6 months).

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