Program Representatives

We need representatives! If you are interested in representing your program as an MS or PhD student, please contact us at MCGSO, email:

PhD Program Representatives:

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: 
  • Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience: Devin Palmer
  • Microbiology & Immunology:
  • Pharmacology:
  • Tumor Biology: Zoe Malchiodi

Masters Program Representatives:

  • Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases: Jenna Reed & Kailey Fischer
  • Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy: Ogechi O. Nwaopara & Natalie Rivera-Ithier
  • Biotechnology:
  • Complimentary & Alternative Medicine: Tayyab Ahmad & Yasmine Bedjaoui
  • Integrative Neuroscience:
  • Microbiology and Immunology: Sangeetha Srinivasan
  • Pharmacology:
  • Physiology: Andrew Vogel & Jeremy Steinman
  • Special Masters Program: Paul Henderson & Taylor Dugan
  • Tumor Biology: Charles Shearer

Program Representatives: Arguably, the most important members of the MCGSO are the Biomedical Graduate program representatives. Each biomedical graduate program has one or two representatives; a PhD student for PhD programs, and a Masters student for Masters programs. The program representatives are responsible for attending all MCGSO meetings and participating as committee members for either or both the Community Programming and Grant committees. If the designated Program Representative is unable to attend a meeting, we ask that they send a proxy representative to vote in the favor of that program in the event of any votes at the meeting in question. If you are interested in representing your program, please let us know!

Representatives are still needed for the PhD and MS programs above without names listed. Email if you’re interested!

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