Who We Are

We are a united group of underrepresented individuals and allies fighting towards a common cause: end racism and achieve inclusion for all at Georgetown University.

We are a subdivision of the Medical Center Graduate Student Organization (MCGSO) with autonomy on 1) events, 2) outreach programs and 3) who joins the committee. We want it to be open to every trainee student/postdocs/faculty/staff at GU. We will collaborate with other organizations around campus to promote diversity.

2022-2023 officers:

  • President:  Luz Ruiz
  • Vice President: Olivia Lounsbury
  • Operations Chair: Erika Higgins

Role Descriptions:

  • President: The president is the external face of the EDI committee. The president amplifies our work in all spaces and is the main lead in directing the committee’s Executive Board. The primary role of the president is to raise the profile of our work and lead their team to efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Vice President: The vice president is responsible for coordinating the inner workings of the organization. While the president may set direction and vision, it is the responsibility of the vice president to ensure that the team is working cohesively together. The president may delegate any number of internal responsibilities to the vice president so that they may share the workload. The vice president also leads events as necessary.
  • Outreach Chair: The outreach chair is responsible for facilitating collaborations between MCGSO and other key organizations within and beyond campus.They ensure that all schools and organizations across Georgetown have access to the organization and can help shape its initiatives. Organizations to liase with on campus includeGradGov, Career Center, affinity groups, etc. Organizations outside of campus can include graduate student groups in other universities, DEI institutes etc. The outreach chair will frequently update our contact list as new partnerships are forged. The Outreach Chair should work closely with the president and jointly attend attend meetings to liase with external parties.
  • Operations Chair: The operations chair is responsible for event logistics, including coordinating with facilitators, campus organizations, and other event partners. They also create step-by-step event plans and serve as the primary contact for booking university spaces, setting up Zoom meetings, and liaising with caterers.
  • Communications Chair: The communications co-chairs are responsible for drafting and distributing the monthly newsletter in cooperation with the board, creating flyers and promotional materials, and managing social media. In addition, they are also responsible for liaising with other groups with a large following like Career Services Office and Grad Gov to ensure that all our events make it onto SFS weekly marketing newsletters, among other campus publications.
  • Finance Chair: The finance officer oversees all budgetary responsibilities, including maintenance of funds through GradGov, application for and securement of funds for events, and any reconciliation of expenses post-events. The Finance Officer is our main point of contact for any issues related to funding requests and payments related to external partners.
  • Secretary: The secretary is responsible for setting up e-board and general body meetings, including coordinating dates, times and location. The secretary’s primary role is to maintain the membership roster and managing the meeting agendas in collaboration with the President and take minutes and note actions items for board meetings. The secretary works alongside all board members and helps with tasks as necessary.
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